How did the Divine Diversity Temple start? 
Thinking back, I guess its roots already started developing when I was still in high school. 
Being taught and raised in a predominately Christian society, there was always something bothering me as we all used the same bible but even between the Christian denominations there where conflicts about which denomination was right and better.  
After leaving school I moved from one Christian church to another to find what I felt comfortable with and even being a Sunday school teacher at one stage. Yet nothing really bound me to any of them.  
Later I meet some Wiccans and I started looking at the Wiccan, Celts and Druids religions and found myself still searching. Everything I was investigating only created more questions than answers. Even reading English translated Buddhist and Hindu scriptures had the same effect. 
It was after reading the Toa te Ching by Lao-Tzu (English translation) that I discovered some answers and this lead me to some great authors like Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, Doreen Virtue and many others. 
I have taken many paths before I started working as an intern estate agent. It was here that I learned the real lesson that it does not matter how good you are and how much life experience you have, it all means nothing if you cannot share it with others.  
The final step was when I was sitting in silence reflecting on the completed work for the day. The first part of the apostle creed came to me and I knew the truth that I was searching for.  
“I believe in God the Father, the almighty, creator of heaven and earth and everything seen and unseen. “  
To truly believe this one needs to break all barriers and truly see the true power of the Almighty Creator. It was all created from one source there can never be only one true path, and there can never be one book to be the only authority of God. Once one places this type of restrictions on the creator your belief in the Divine Creator being the creator of everything is false as you are limiting the true power of the Divine Creator. 
Thus opened the door to the Divine Diversity and I realized that there is always a reason why the Creator created opposites. 
This is then what I see as the true birth of the Divine Diversity Temple.

May the peace and loving kindness of the Divine Creator lead you to where you need to go. 
Rev. Anton Vosloo